Martin Nyaga

My name is Martin Nyaga

Software engineer, training chemical engineer, guitarist.
Co-founder at Nobilis Limited.



Shameless plug: Nobilis specializes in building web applications and online systems. The bigger the better. Shoot me an email if you'd like to chat.

This site is mostly a home for my thoughts about software and life; some meaningful, others not so much. There's lots of good stuff already on my Medium. Beyond it all, I'm really just trying to be a solid human being, and growing every day.

Feel free to look around or shoot me an email if you see anything interesting.

Geeky Stuff

I majorly work with Ruby and Rails on a day to day, so most of the software posts will be in or about ruby although I do try to make a lot of the knowledge transferrable.

I also write a good deal of Javascript, and I've recently started working with C.

I'm constantly trying to figure out how to deliver better software to clients, and so I find the intersection between software and business is quite interesting.